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About Sumac



Sumac Forest Information Services Ltd., located in Thunder Bay Ontario, is a forestry and natural resource consultancy engaged in resource mapping and modeling.  Established in 1996 and owned and operated by its senior management team, the company built its reputation in the field, collecting a wide array of data and information to support forestry management and research.   Today, Sumac offers both technical and professional services for forest resource inventory, geomatics, training and value chain modeling.



FiDEX™ is our flagship product offering.   FiDEX™ is a fibre indexing and planning service to the forest industry that aims to increase client return on investment through the strategic implementation of proven fibre value chain mapping services, tools and expertise.  Driven by a need identified by forest product manufacturers for better operational-level information, the process delivers a detailed fibre database for operating areas, which includes: species, piece size, and quality information. Through collaboration with leading product simulation and spatial optimization companies, the system increases the net value of the forest resource by reducing procurement cost and optimizing the fibre supply chain. FiDEX™ is serving the forest industry by providing the framework to transform decision making from volume-based to value-based for maximization of forest economic potential.



Sumac recognizes that the success of our company has been built on the strength and quality of our employees.  Sumac retains Registered Professional Foresters and Forest Resource Technicians who specialize in: resource valuation and fibre value chain analysis, data base management, photo interpretation and, geomatics. Personnel are well educated, experienced, and highly motivated to deliver the best results for our clients. The team is continually improving through intensive staff training and the adoption of the latest advances in industry technology. Sumac also draws upon its extensive Canada wide network of forestry, technology and environmental colleagues to develop and support projects as required.


Collaboration & Innovation

Research and Development (R&D) is an important aspect of diversification and increased competitive advantage. Sumac is a long-standing member of the Forest Eco-system Science Co-operative and a partner in the Lakehead University Centre for the Application of Resources Information Systems. Sumac has developed working relationships with: the Confederation College Office of Research and Innovation, Ontario Centres of Excellence, the Ontario Forest Research Institute, the Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research and, the Canadian Wood Fibre Center.  Sumac invests in research and innovation that benefits the company, our people, and our clients.


Safety & Management Systems

It is our commitment to provide a positive, healthy and safe environment for all employees, sub-contractors and visitors.  Safe work procedures and practices are part of everyone’s job description and are integrated into all aspects of our work.  Sumac manages all projects to exceed client expectations and demands employee and management accountability, open communication and reporting.  To meet these objectives Sumac has developed and implemented a certified Health and Safety Management System and, comprehensive Information and Quality Management System.


 Accessible Customer Service

Sumac is committed to building an honest, respectful and courteous relationship with all of our customers and clients, including those with disabilities. In an effort to ensure that Sumac provides accessible customer service to everyone we have developed an “Accessible Customer Service Policy”.  The policy is in accordance with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07 under the Accessibility for Ontarian’s with Disabilities Act, 2005.   Copies of the policy are available upon request.


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